This is a directory of software written in Standard ML that wil work with Poly/ML. If you have a library, application or sample code in a publically available repository that you would like to contribute to this directory please register and add it to the list.

WindowsLibraryWindows library for Poly/ML
IsabelleIsabelle theorem prover
sml-evkqueue and epoll library
sml-dbBerkeley DB v1.85
sml-bdbBerkeley DB
sml-curllibcurl and http client
sml-gumbo-parserGumbo HTML5 parser
sml-unicodeUnicode and UTF8
scancomScanner Combinators Library
sml-net-serverServer engine
sml-net-server-evAsynchronous server engine
sml-http-serverHTTP server
sml-http-server-evAsynchronous HTTP server
sha1SHA1 library (foreign language C)
YXMLQuick and easy exchange of ML values via XML/YXML
ProofPowerA theorem prover for HOL, Z and a subset of Ada
ProofPower-contribExamples of specification and proof using ProofPower,
HOL4Proof assistant for higher order logic
easylibsome "obvious" extensions of the Basis
CakeML Regression TestingAutomated regression tests for CakeML