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some "obvious" extensions of the Basis

This project is an attempt to "fill the holes" in the SML Basis library and eventually build a "batteries included" modular suite of libraries on top of that. I know there are similar projects out there but they all seem to either focus on a narrow area (like graph algorithms) or they require a specific ML implementation (these days, mostly SMLNJ or MLton). I work with PolyML because it seems to be the implementation which is closest to the original spirit of ML. But if you detect any platform dependency in the code please let me know, it is a bug. All that said I will happily use pieces of the SMLNJ library (for example) when it suits me. Those pieces retain their original copyright and license, of course. TOTALLY UNTESTED! Use at your own risk.



Poly/ML version:

Licence: ZPL-like

Download link:

Project link: https://git.sr.ht/~nobrowser/easylib